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Why Should I Play?

According to Bowls England there are 5 good reasons why you should play bowls:

  1. Playing bowls is very doable.  Whatever your physique, bowls is a sport for everybody and it will help improve your fitness levels and mental wellbeing.

  2. Bowls is not expensive. You do not need lots of new kit and we welcome everyone to try for free.  If you like it and come again it will cost you just £4.00 for as long as you like.  We can loan you bowls, for free or you can often buy secondhand bowls for as little as £30.

  3. After football and cricket, bowls has the third highest number of clubs in the country.  And New Herrington is right here.

  4. Age & gender differences don't really affect a game of bowls, so it's a perfect sport to spend time and enjoy a bit of healthy competition with friends and family.

  5. New Herrington Bowls Club is a sociable place, so bowls is a great way to relax, unwind, and make new friends.

How do you play bowls?

"Bowls is very easy to play, but takes years to master"

One of the attractions of Bowls is the simplicity of the game.  But there is good advice available which new and experienced players can both learn and benefit from.  There is far too much information to put on this page, so click on the button which will take you to a comprehensive introduction to the game, how to play and the rules.  If the link is slow try going to

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