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Welcome to New Herrington Bowling Club.

We hope you will find this website interesting enough to make you want to visit and possibly play bowls.As a club we are proud to have been short-listed by Bowls England in the "Club Of The Year" category for two consecutive years. We are a friendly and competitive club and boast over 50 members, including 18 ladies. 

You might be interested to know that among our members we have 10 married couples, which illustrates very well the family and friendly ethos of the sport and our club.

We welcome new members of any age or ability.  Bowls is very easy to play and is great fun. Come and join us, even if it's only for coffee and cake. If you want to have a go, your first visit is free, and we will provide you with bowls and tuition. Please wear flat shoes though. After that free visit future visits are just £4.00 as a non member.  You can play all afternoon or simply have a quick roll-up for as long as you please.

We play in several leagues and hold numerous in-house competitions.To find out more about us click on the tabs at the top of the page.

Fasten your seat-belt and hold on tight, while you take an aerial view of the New Herrington bowling green.  Our grateful thanks to  green keeper Rob for his drone video 

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